Exterior Sliding Doors

Exterior Sliding Doors

Exterior sliding doors add style to your home. They slide along a horizontal track in a particular direction to give way. They are mounted on the track and slide in either direction with the help of roller wheels. Different types of sliding doors are used in current architecture. They come in countless options of styles to choose from.

An exterior sliding door can be used in many areas of a building including bathrooms. They are ideal for places that have space constraints for installing customary doors.They are also called as patio doors. They are well known for sturdiness and allows good amount of light into your homes. At times they are used to create an architectural impact and are available as single and double doors.

Exterior sliding doors are generally manufactured with wood, aluminum and vinyl frames. Most of them are designed with two-panels, one actively slides along and the other remains fixed in a place. The central material used is the insulated glass that guarantees safety while operating. When choosing the exterior sliding doors, be sure of the direction that suits your room.

Glass exterior sliding doors will suit any kind of place in your house. It may start from your master bedroom leading to patio or balcony. They are the best alternate option for traditional doors that do not provide any external view.Glass exterior sliding doors may be little expensive but opens widely and add value to your living space.

Pocket exterior sliding doors are erected in places where door with hinges cannot be used.This kind slides entirely into the adjacent wall or to the space (pocket) allotted for its hiding. Mostly the roller wheels are located on the roof track. Some types involve floor tracks too.

Bypass exterior sliding doors are mainly used in pantries and closets. On opening, they slide past each other and stays one behind the other. When closed, they stay next or adjacent to each other blocking the whole entrance. In this type, the roller wheels are fixed both at the top and bottom of the door track.

Shoji screens are another type of exterior sliding doors that uses Japanese technology. They are mixture of wood and paper and have been used by people of Japan for centuries. But today they have evolved into modern designs with Asian persuasions. They are mainly installed on the opening of gardens and back yards.

There are some wood clad exterior sliding doors that bear an aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass coating outside but provide a typical wood look inside. The exterior coatings will safeguard the inner wood material from harsh weather conditions.To ensure smooth mechanism of exterior sliding doors, remove all dirt, leaves and other elements out of the track.

When it comes to materials, aluminum exterior sliding doors are less expensive. Keep in mind that they are easy to maintain and do not attract rust. Vinyl exterior sliding doors are more energy efficient compared to aluminum. They last long and retain the fresh look for years.